John Oliver Takes on Trump, Exposes His True Last Name: Drumpf


The technicolor parade that has been Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has served as terrifying fodder for late night comedians for the past six months, but for one notable exception: John Oliver. His Last Week Tonight has made a point to avoid talking about Trump, instead focusing on other topics deemed to need more coverage, such as abortion laws or voting laws. That finally changed last night. For 22 minutes, Oliver deconstructed the Myth of Trump, going so far as to reveal that Trump’s original family name is, in fact, Drumpf.

The segment is not so much a segment as the entire episode, so I’ll spare the longer details, but Oliver gets at something that most fail to even recognize: we have, for as long as we’ve been paying attention to Trump’s campaign, seen him only as a mascot, and not as an actual man. His beliefs change based on the day — so too does his net worth.

Watch the whole clip below. Come for the Trump dismantling, stay for the line about Kanye West. (Spoiler: “A bored sociopath with a finger-free anus.”)

And also: hashtag with all your might #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain