Iggy Pop Posed Nude for Students, Brooklyn Museum to Exhibit Said Drawings of Nude Iggy Pop


Fun fact: Iggy Pop posed at a life drawing class for a select group of students selected from New York’s fine art programs last week. The Brooklyn Museum announced Monday it plans to put the artists’ work on display in an exhibition fall.

Held at the New York Academy of Art on February 21, the class was organized by the Brooklyn Museum and artist Jeremy Deller. Deller, a large-scale “conceptual artist,” has a penchant for organizing “experiential projects,” such as “It Is What it Is,” a series of interviews Deller recorded while driving across the United States in an RV towing a car destroyed by a bomb in Baghdad.

“The life class is a special place in which to scrutinize the human form. As the bedrock of art education and art history, it is still the best way to understand the body,” Deller said in a press release. “For me it makes perfect sense for Iggy Pop to be the subject of a life class; his body is central to an understanding of rock music and its place within American culture. His body has witnessed much and should be documented.”

It was for a life drawing class, so, yes, Iggy Pop was naked.

The 21 students who attended the class were assembled by Deller and Brooklyn Museum vice director Sharon Matt Atkins from the Brooklyn Museum’s Gallery/Studio Program, the Art Students League of New York, Kingsborough Community College, the New York Academy of Art, and the Pratt Institute. The students ranged from 19- to 80-years-old, included graduates and undergraduates, and came from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The show comprising their work will be shown at the Brooklyn Museum in Fall, 2016, followed by a larger tour.