‘Transparent’ Actress Gaby Hoffman Transforms into Bernie Sanders in MoveOn Ad


As the election year moves forward, more and more celebrities are coming out in support for this candidate or that. Spike Lee has endorsed Bernie Sanders, Lena Dunham has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Drumpf. Now, Gaby Hoffman stars in an ad for MoveOn.org, in which she endorses Sanders. Well, that’s what impersonation implies, right?

In the clip, Hoffman calls the office of Senator Mitch McConnell to urge him to entertain just the thought of potential candidates for the Supreme Court, especially ones who are for women’s rights and against Citizens United, which allows corporations to act as human beings. McConnell’s secretary, played here by Benjamin O’Keefe, tells Hoffman that it will be $9 million to buy McConnell’s vote, which sounds like a sweet deal. Gaby doesn’t like it, though, and transforms into a caricature of Bernie Sanders, ranting on through to the end of the video.

Watch the clip below. And don’t forget to vote! For somebody!