Florence Welch Suddenly Became Even More Stevie Nicks-Like — By Performing “Silver Springs”


In 2011, Rolling Stone ran a piece about Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch, whose subheading read, “How the arty, ethereal singer became the Stevie Nicks of the Twilight generation.” Welch herself has cited Stevie Nicks as a major idol. In case you still couldn’t detect where the influences were coming from, Welch has now gone full Stevie Nicks and performed the Fleetwood Mac track, “Silver Springs.”

Florence + the Machine shared their rendition of the song at a concert on Friday at London’s St. John at Hackney church. (The concert itself was a benefit for War Child, an organization “committed to supporting… children to overcome their experiences [around armed conflict], and have a real chance at a better future.”)

Despite Florence + the Machine’s knack for ornate arrangement, their version of “Silver Springs” was even more instrumentally sparse than the originally, relying on a tambourine, acoustic guitar, the claps of the audience, and of course most centrally on the surprising comfort of Welch’s belted vocals.


For further Florence + the Machine as Fleetwood Mac listening, check out their previous cover of “The Chain”:

Via Consequence of Sound.