Angela Bassett’s Husband Found Out About Her ‘AHS’ Sex Scene With Lady Gaga While Watching the Episode


The actors on American Horror Story get to do some pretty crazy stuff — apart from playing characters with no emotional logic or consistency. In American Horror Story: Hotel, there were plenty of shocking moments — so many as to have an anesthetizing effect. One standout moment wasn’t shocking so much as exquisite insomuch as it made Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga (as Ramona Royale and the Countess) having sex a real (fictional) thing that this world has seen.

Last night, Conan O’Brien asked Angela Bassett about her sex scene with Gaga, and about what her husband thought of it when she came home from work and said, “I shot a sex scene with Lady Gaga today.” Bassett and her husband, it turns out, never had the “How was work today, Honey,” talk about it, and he didn’t even know it had happened until he watched the episode. She just “waited until the night of and said, ‘C’mon, I want you to see something.'”

Watch Bassett tell a dramatized version of the story on Conan: