Kill Nostalgia: Nickelodeon Making ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ and ‘Hey Arnold!’ Movies


Calling all the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes: it’s time to head back to Olmec and his Hidden Temple. It’s time, too, to revisit Helga’s shrine to the football-headed Arnold, because Nickelodeon is reviving Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold! as made-for-TV movies.

The news was announced via Variety, who got the scoop on Nickelodeon’s upcoming upfront presentation, which is where networks sell future content to advertisers.

The Legends of the Hidden Temple film will be a live action adventure flick that finds three siblings in the Hidden Temple, struggling to overcome obstacles in order to ensure that they do not die in a moat, or a pit of snakes, or at the perilous steps of knowledge. Olmec is slated to appear, should his calendar be free to accommodate the hasty production schedule. Word has it that Nickelodeon wants to air this thing by late 2016.

The other exciting news is that Hey Arnold! is coming back as a two-part TV movie, but that isn’t expected until 2017. Will the kids all be hipsters, forced to confront the gentrification of their neighborhood? Or will they still be kids, living in the wonderful world of fantastic New York City, where grandmothers dress as ninjas to rescue turtles from zoos? Tough call; both sound amazing.