John Stamos Reads Mean ‘Fuller House’ Reviews, Which Is More Enjoyable Than Watching ‘Fuller House’


Last Friday, Netflix blessed the world with a full season of Fuller House, a series that played as a kind of sequel/continuation of cheeseball classic Full House. Fans loved it so much that Netflix has already ordered a second season. Critics hated it so much that John Stamos and Seth Meyers made a bit out of reading aloud the most scathing reviews.

In the clip, Stamos and Meyers read reviews from the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and the A.V. Club. (Unfortunately, they missed the best one.) Curiously, Stamos feels the need to highlight the names of all of the writers of these reviews, as if by reading their writing on national TV he’s going to shame them.

At one point, Stamos says that these reviews read as parodies of negative reviews, which is an apt statement, given the fact that no critic approached Fuller House with any sense of seriousness, and likely took the series as an opportunity to write something hilariously overblown in its negativity.

Watch the clip below. Stamos seems genuinely perturbed by the negative reviews, whereas Meyers definitely seems to appreciate some of the writing, especially the A.V. Club’s.