The First Wives and Their Club Will Return (in a Different Form, in a Different City) in TV Land Pilot


Put on your white leather pants and make like it’s 1996 and you recently got a divorce and your husband’s now dating the star of Showgirls, the future star of Sex and the City, or Marcia Gay Harden, and you’re going to take things into your own hands — not seeking “revenge,” but rather “justice” — by singing Leslie Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” and doing other empowering things that aren’t quite as meme-able and readymade for drag shows.

Why should you make like that long list of things relating to The First Wives’ Club? Well, simply because the next project in the cultural assembly line of remakes is a TV version of The First Wives’ Club. The Hollywood Reporter announced that among TV Land’s long list of new projects is a pilot order for a series based on the book written by Olivia Goldsmith —on which the film, starring Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton is also based. (It deserves mentioning that it also became musical, so this will therefore be the third First Wives Club adaptation.) It’s being written by New Girl‘s Rebecca Addelman and executive produced by Sex and the City‘s Jenny Bicks.

According to THR, this version will take place in San Francisco, and will see three former college classmates “reconnect[ing] after their close friend from college dies in a freak accident.”

If seeing a version of The First Wives Club that doesn’t star Hawn, Midler and Keaton doesn’t sound at all appealing, luckily there happens to be — as was reported in December — an unrelated Netflix film starring the three of them as former bandmates in the works. Though that isn’t about First Wives Club‘s Brenda, Annie and Elise, the idea of them as a former band surely will satisfy your desire for “You Don’t Own Me” nostalgia.