Joey Bada$$ Cast as Rami Malek’s Best Buddy in ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2


Mr. Robot was one of 2015’s most intense new shows, and Rami Malek’s Elliot is the most intense part of it. A loner, the show relies on his internal monologue for any insight into what he’s actually thinking. That might change, though, now that Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ as been cast in the show’s upcoming second season. He’ll play Elliot’s new best friend.

Why would this change anything? Best friends are really just dumps for which to pour our insecurities and troubles, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Joey Bada$$ is going to talk to Elliot a lot. Specifically, the article says he “often talks excessively to Elliot, advising him and philosophizing the meanings of life.”

THR reports some other developments in the world of Mr. Robot, too: Michael Cristofer, who played Evil Corp CEO Phillip Price, has been promoted to a series regular, implying that the relationship he developed with Angela at the end of the first season will continue to strengthen.

The other big promotion was of Stephanie Corneliussen, who plays Joanna, wife of Tyrell Wellick, who worked for Evil Corp but takes on a mysterious role toward the end of the first season, which she knows nothing about.

Grace Gummer was previously announced as an addition to the cast, so this season is shaping up to be pretty promising, just in terms of talent. Living up to that finale is gonna be tough, though.