Earnest Indie Duo Majical Cloudz Break Up


Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, together known as musical group Majical Cloudz, have announced the end of the band.

Majical Cloudz, if you’re unfamiliar, were a band fueled by atmospherics, and they made two great LPs, Are You Alone? and Impersonator. Each of them is filled with songs built from little more than Welsh’s vocals and Otto’s sparse production. It was very vibe-y, and the often melodramatic lyrics were very much the focal point.

Welsh announced today via a Tumblr post that the band would be quitting. He is moving on to make music under his own name, while Otto will continue his musical efforts in the form of a band called the Dahlia.

Read the full letter below.

I have some news! Over the last few months Matt and I decided that Are You Alone? would be the last Majical Cloudz record, and that after doing some touring we would be moving on to other projects and adventures.

Matt and I played our first show together in March 2012. At that time the project was just a few songs and some inspirations. As of March 2016 we have released 2 LPs, 2 EPs and toured all over the place. Doing all these things made real what had been a dream for both us, and so the band was an opportunity for us to grow into the kinds of people and the kinds of artists we wanted to become. We both feel it to be the completion of something very positive.

So thank you very much to everyone who has taken interest in the project, listened to the music, bought the records, come to the shows, etc, to everyone who believed in us, gave us a chance, worked with us!

I will be releasing music and playing shows under my own name, Devon Welsh. I’m working on things right now that I’m excited about and that I’ll be releasing online throughout the year and probably playing a bit live here and there. If you’re interested, find me online or come to a show!

Matt will be making music under his new project, The Dahlia, which he’ll be sharing with the world soon enough. At the moment, he’s composing a film soundtrack and producing a couple of records which you’ll be hearing about in the next few months!

Thanks again for listening, you’ll hear from both of us soon!


P.s. For our friends in Montreal and anyone else who wants to come, we will be playing a final show on Friday, March 11th at La Sala Rossa in Montreal. There will be no opening act, we’re just going to play a long set! DJ softcoresoft will be playing some tunes before and after. Get tickets for that here: http://lasalarossa.com/shows/majical-cloudz-invites/

Watch the video for “Silver Car Crash,” from Are You Alone?