Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, Two British Actors, Have a New TV Show About… Wine?


British actors are not the same as American actors. Whereas respected American actors like Mark Ruffalo or Leonardo DiCaprio take up environmental causes, British actors, it seems, create TV shows that explore the origins of their favorite wines. Well, maybe not all British actors, but at least two of them: Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys. Maybe it’s just a British Matthew thing?

Anyway, Goode, who is currently guesting on Downton Abbey and has starred in Stoker and A Single Man, and Rhys, from The Americans, have landed a new 13-part TV series set to air on ITV come this spring. They get very excited about the wine. Goode, at one point, exclaims “Knock me down with a feather!” after drinking an Indian rosé. He also uses the word “luxuriate.” Rhys, for his part, seems mostly to sit silent, looking serious and bearded, which is exactly what you want of your handsome British actors. Just remain silent, serious, and bearded.

Watch the trailer for The Wine Show, a real show that is airing on a real TV channel at some real date in the future, and imagine how great it would be if Matthew Perry were in this. Chandler loves wine!