Watch Courtney Love Cover PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love”


Love her or hate her, Courtney Love keeps on plugging on, making music and performing in small venues for the generation of fans who still adore her for more than her connection to Nirvana. We’ve got new video of Love, recorded last night by a fan at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre, where Love and musician/playwright Todd Almond performed songs from their new musical, Kansas City Choir Boy. The duo also performed a cover of PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love,” which you can watch below.

The cover is good, spare, and finds Love treating the craft of the song with more respect than people usually give her credit for. Come for the performance but stay for the crowd interaction, specifically a moment where our intrepid citizen reporter utters a very unenthusiastic “woo” at the tail-end of a round of applause.

Watch the video below.