Watch The Beach Boys Fly Their Reaganite Flag in Tribute to Former First Lady Nancy Reagan


This is the version of the Beach Boys that is ruining the legacy of the Beach Boys. Down Brian Wilson and in full-fledged Republican (Mike) Love-fest, the partially reunited Beach Boys paid tribute to former First Lady Nancy Reagan the night after her passing. The group sang an a cappella version of the Four Freshmen’s “Their Heart Was Full of Spring” at a show in Abilene, Texas.

The performance begins with a brief look at the Beach Boys’ appearance at Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural ball in 1985, where Mike Love talked about the inspiration he gained from the love shared by Ronald and Nancy. Then, just as they did in 1985, the foursome transitions into a slow, soothing performance of a standard that has, in this rendition, almost no energy.

It’s truly a shame that this is what the Beach Boys have become for a new generation of listeners. For a better idea of what the band was capable of in its heyday, look to The Beach Boys’ co-founder (and soul) Brian Wilson, who is currently on tour with a new band, playing Pet Sounds in full.

Watch the Beach Boys’ full performance at Ronald Reagan’s 1985 inaugural ball below.

And also, just to wash that bad taste away, here’s a clip of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”