‘Making a Murderer’ News: Steven Avery’s New Lawyer Finds an Airtight Alibi; Jerome Buting Has a Book Deal


Netflix’s true crime hit Making a Murderer came and went late last year, but news surrounding its subjects keeps on trickling out. This week, there’s a crucial update from Steven Avery’s new attorney, as well as a book deal for one of Avery’s original attorneys.

First, Kathleen Zellner, who took on Avery’s case in January of this year, spoke out on Twitter about progress being made in Avery’s case, claiming that he has an airtight alibi — thanks to cellphone towers.

You may recall that cellphone towers played a crucial part in another recent true crime phenomenon: the first season of Serial, in which cellphone towers became a crucial mark in favor of the innocence of Adnan Syed.

The other big Making a Murderer news is less exciting, if only because it will likely have no effect on the outcome of Avery’s life. Jerome “Jerry” Buting, who was the taller one of Avery’s two original bespectacled lawyers, has signed a deal with HarperCollins to write a book about the Avery trial, as well as the general dysfunction of the judicial system, due out next year.

No word yet as to whether or not a book of all of the memes devoted to Avery’s other lawyer, Dean Strang, is in the works.