Biggie, the FCC, and the Spa Lady Cheese Ball: Today’s Recommended Reading


Here at Flavorwire, we pride ourselves on not only writing some of the best content on the Internet, but keeping an eye on all of the great writing that other folks on the ‘Net are doing, too.Today, we have stories about human-shaped appetizer platters, bros eating nachos at political rallies, an essay written in song lyrics, and an interview with the chairman of FCC — who is a lot more important than you think, assuming you like using the internet.

To commemorate the 19th anniversary of his death, Genius aggregated a biography of Notorious B.I.G. using his own song lyrics.

I went from ashy to nasty to classy. If money smell bad, then this nigga Biggie stinking. I know you heard me on the radio. I’m the rapper with clout everybody yap about. Shit done changed. No more public housing.Bought moms’ crib out in Florida, a Ac, minks on her back. Put five carats in my baby girl’s ear. I took the cream and moved to new places.Mansions and Benzes. Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur. We sip champagne when we thirsty. My life’s the shit.

The Verge published an exclusive interview with Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, a former TV industry lobbyist, has proven his mettle as a reformer, taking steps towards reining in the worst practices of internet service providers.

“I may not have written the book about how to lobby, but I’ve read it and maybe I even contributed a chapter or two. I used to be the one dishing it out. I understand the realities. I understand how they argue things. I understand what you have to do to hold an industry coalition together. I understand the challenge of their job. I respect the challenge of their job. And I think I’m somewhat inoculated to the effects as a result of it.”

While we’re on the topic of television, The Daily Dot tracked down the two guys whom the internet watched as they stood behind Donald Trump and fed each other nachos during a televised rally in Orlando, Florida.

“Seems like an ironic food to have at a Trump fest, or Mexican hate rally,” Loots said. “I only say Mexican hate rally because I stood next to a man wearing ‘Mexico will pay’ on his spandex onesie.”

Finally, Lucky Peach has a colorful, entertaining recipe for how to make a “Spa Lady Cheese Ball,” a riff on the reported internet phenomenon that is making food in the shape of women kickin’ back and relaxin’ at the spa.

While Spa Lady seems to have begun emerging on blogs around 2011, other humanoid cheese balls paved the way for her widespread success. For years, Halloween parties were graced with the gruesome but ubiquitous Meat Face cheese ball, and around 2010, the Steve Jobs cheese ball took center stage. The truth is: It’s impossible to know the exact moment of the Spa Lady’s origin, but we do know that she symbolizes an important and seemingly undying trend in cheese-balling.