Peaches Extends Support to Kim Kardashian on ‘The Nightly Show’


“If you don’t have haters then you’re not doing anything.”

That was what Peaches had to say in response to all of the people who seemed to have a problem with Kim Kardashian’s recent (semi)nude selfie. Last night, the talented musician and performance artist stopped by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore to sit on a panel with two other women, Holly Walker and Grace Parra, and have a discussion about the post.

The three women, along with host Larry Wilmore, offered their opinions on the selfie. Everyone seemed to be in agreement about the fact that there was nothing wrong with Ms. Kardashian-West’s post, all agreeing that the outrage about her picture was entrenched in the norms forced on women from a patriarchal society. Holly Walker even pointed out that outrage over the naked female form has been a common occurrence since Eve — better known as the first woman on earth.

Peaches — who wore a t-shirt with printed breasts on the front, perhaps to honor the occasion — has always been a champion of breaking gender norms and expressing one’s sexuality freely, so it’s not surprising to see where she stands on the matter. On the topic, she noted, “It’s really complicated for women because not only do we have to deal with being objectified, but then deal with being empowered, and then deal with being called a bitch for being empowered or whatever it is.”

She ended her contribution with a particularly poignant point: “But also recognize that, actually, men have never had to deal with that — that objectification — it just never has worked that way.”

Watch the full segment below.