The ‘Walking Dead’ Scare Maze Will Permanently Infect Universal Studios Hollywood


Universal Studios Hollywood’s popular haunted maze inspired by The Walking Dead will make the jump from seasonal scare tactic to permanent infection this summer.

Inspired by the TV show, “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far” has been a fixture of the theme park’s seasonal Hollywood Horror Nights festivities for the past four years. According to the LA Times, the new attraction — which may not keep its original name — will serve as a de facto replacement for the park’s recently decommissioned haunted house, “Universal’s House of Monsters,” which was torn down last year.

The elevated, year-round version of the maze will get a few upgrades now that it’s no longer a seasonal concern, including more detailed sets, costumed and animatronic figures. Meanwhile, theme park ride-maker Sally Corp. announced a Walking Dead-themed shooting-gallery style ride, The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival.

The new Walking Dead haunted maze will open this summer, which, in the “amusements” business, officially kicks off Memorial Day weekend.