Peter Dinklage to Claim the Symbolic Iron Throne of Hosting ‘SNL’


If SNL is good for anything, it’s allowing people to see the most revered celebrities dressed ridiculously, attempting funny voices in overlong sketches punctuated by ever-so-occasionally trenchant political comedy. As a showcase for serious actors celebrities to look silly, it scarcely fails, and the newest announcement of a host is an exciting one: Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage.

Will he play Clinton? Will he play Sanders? Will he play Peter Drunklage? Will he play Tyrion Lannister as another candidate in the 2016 election? Will he play the subject of an unfunny, generic restaurant sketch? Who knows?! All that’s known is that — though he’s been in comedies like Elf and Death at a Funeral — we’re now most used to seeing him in the ruthless world of Westeros, and the comedic reframing SNL offers stars will be especially exciting for such a good actor who’s part of such a ceaselessly dark show. (His participation in Game of Thrones: The Musical as well as on SNL’s Weekend Update itself should prove he’s open to all sorts of variety show hijinks…and after being on GoT, one would assume you’d kind of be open to anything.)

According to TV Line, he’ll be hosting the show on April 2, with musical guest Gwen Stefani.