Abbi and Ilana Meet Hillary Clinton in New ‘Broad City’ Clip


Given that Bernie Sanders has slowly but surely risen up the ranks to secure the title of Official Millennial Candidate Choice for the 2016 Democratic Party presidential race, it may be somewhat surprising to find out that the candidate Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer actually brought on for a cameo on Broad City is Hillary Clinton.

As can be seen in a new clip from the show, Abbi and Ilana find themselves in a campaign office for Hillary Clinton, just “taking it in” and admiring the smell of “power,” “decisiveness,” and “confidence” that permeates the air. As Ilana reflects on how much of an honor it had been “working hard all day on the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign,” Abbi turns around to find a special surprise.

Clad in an impeccably tailored green overcoat, the current Democratic frontrunner flashes on the screen and starts walking toward the girls. As they shake from excitement, Clinton, shimmering and sparkling in all her presidential allure and glamour, smiles at Abbi and Ilana and, with her usual poise, assures the girls that they can take their time.

Watch the new clip below and be sure to catch Hillary Clinton on Broad City tomorrow.