‘Team Foxcatcher’ Documentary Brings the Real John du Pont to Netflix in April


A new trailer for Team Foxcatcher, a documentary about wealthy wrestling sponsor John du Pont, proves yet again that truth is stranger than fiction and, by extension, documentaries can be more surreal than dramatizations.

The documentary, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before coming to Netflix, recounts the relationship between du Pont, who sponsored and created a training camp for Olympic athletes, and Dave Schultz, a star wrestler whom he befriended and eventually murdered.

If the story sounds familiar, it’s because you may remember Foxcatcher, Bennett Miller’s 2014 adaptation of the same tale. (If nothing else, you’ll probably recall Steve Carell as du Pont for his notable nose prosthetic.)

Unlike the drama, however, Team Foxcatcher shows the story through narration and old home movies from Nancy Schultz, who lived with her family at du Pont’s Foxcatcher Farms facility (and was played by Sienna Miller in the fictionalized version). Through found footage and interviews, the film shows du Pont’s rising paranoia and insecurity, which culminated in Schultz’s murder and a two-day standoff with police.

“I’m proud to be a part of this film that was six years in the making to honor the incredible legacy of David,” Nancy Schultz said in a press release. “With his ties to the wrestling community, we felt Jon Greenhalgh was the perfect filmmaker to tell this story and pay homage to the kind of man and athlete David was.”

Team Foxcatcher will run at the Tribeca Film Festival April 18, and premiere on Netflix worldwide April 29.