Lewis Black and Joy Behar Join Miley in Woody Allen’s Mysterious Amazon Show


Did you forget about Woody Allen’s upcoming show for Amazon? Did you forget that Miley Cyrus had been cast in the leading role? Did you forget that it’s only six half-hour episodes, making it the length of maybe two Woody Allen movies, and, at most, half the length of a normal season of comedy television? Well, stop forgetting. Because Lewis Black and Joy Behar are here to talk loudly at you about it.

The still untitled Amazon show will be set in the ’60s and will also star Elaine May and Woody himself, of course. Michael Rapaport and Becky Ann Baker (Hannah’s mom on Girls, among other things) have also signed on, making this a pretty beefy cast for a pretty brief show. We’ve got no idea what any of these people will be doing in the show. The mystery details of the plot become even more intriguing with so many players involved. But, maybe the show is just Woody walking around New York in the ’60s, and he bumps into all of these people, and at the end of the show he gets to a deli and orders a nice bowl of soup and it fades to black? Wouldn’t that be nice?