Finally, Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom’s Meet Cute Is Revealed


Before Andy Samberg was a Saturday Night Live star, he was a YouTube genius, making videos with his Lonely Island buddies. One of those most famous videos is “Just 2 Guyz,” but Samberg barely makes an appearance. When he does, he’s simply referred to as “Steve,” who is, pardon my language, a “cunt.” Turns out, that was enough for Joanna Newsom to develop a crush.

This revelation came to light on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Newsom performed and gave an interview. Meyers is best buddies with Samberg, and so Newsom is more open with him than she would be in other interviews, but she seems so delighted to tell the story of meeting Samberg. It happened at a party, where she saw him and promptly called out, “Hey! You’re Steve the cunt!” Samberg, she recalls, always mentions that it was like cartoon hearts shot up from her head in that moment. The rest is history.

The interview holds more nuggets than that, though. Meyers also asks her a very important question about her music: how did she transport her harp before she had a crew of people to do it for her? Later, the two discuss her Lord of the Rings fandom, and whether or not she gets angry when she hears people describe her music as elfin or fairylike. Also, she launched a “campaign” to score a role in the Hobbit, but the movies were so bad that she isn’t upset about not getting the role.

Watch the interview below. It kind of reveals everything silly you’d ever wanted to know about Joanna Newsom.