Amy Schumer Addresses Fame in New ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Promo


It’s hard to imagine after the massive success of Trainwreck , but back when Inside Amy Schumer launched its first season in 2013, Amy Schumer was only a moderately successful stand-up comedian. Now, with a successful Comedy Central series and a blockbuster under her belt, she finds herself in a very different situation as she approaches the next season of the show that put her on the mainstream map.

The first promo for season four of Inside Amy Schumer addresses the changed situation head on, with Schumer in a doctor’s office. While there, she’s diagnosed with overexposure, and is prescribed a medical regimen of abstinence: no late night TV show appearances, no podcasts (“thank God,” she says), and no TV show. “Can’t do it doc,” she says. “I gotta follow my heart, and keep exposing myself.”

It’s a short clip, the first of what I’m sure will be many. Watch it below. The fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer begins April 21.