Cary Fukunaga to Direct All Episodes of an Emma Stone and Jonah Hill-Starring Dark Comedy Series


After Cary Fukunaga left True Detective — which in its first season he provided with a striking, singularly cohesive vision atypical of serial television — many may have mourned the form having at least temporarily lost a pioneer. (And if not on quite such a grand scale, people were certainly forced to mourn — which defines the very act of watching True D Season 2 — what that loss meant for that particular series.) Now, prior mourners have something to very much look forward to.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Fukunaga is directing a dark comedy series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill (who, if you recall, co-starred in Superbad), and that it’s based on the Norwegian series, Maniac. As with True Detective‘s first season, Fukunaga is set to direct every episode, though Paramount TV and Anonymous Content — the show’s producers — are still looking for a writer, and are currently shopping it around.

The original series follows Epsen, a man who resides both physically in a psychiatric home and mentally in a fantasy world. (The trailer, below, displays events unfolding in the physical and fantasy worlds in parallel.)

Watch the trailer for the original: