Watch Theater’s Biggest Rock Fan, Michael C. Hall, Cover Radiohead’s “Ripcord”


Theater is not known for being super rock ‘n’ roll, but Michael C. Hall has been trying his best to change that. First he starred in the fairly rockin’ Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and then he starred in the pretty rollin’ Lazarus, written by David Bowie. And now he’s done something pretty rockin’ and rollin’ by playin’ a night of Radiohead covers at Cafe Carlyle, at an event titled “Radiohead: Obsessed.”

Hall isn’t the only big name theater dude who loves Thom Yorke and the Greenwoods, though: Lena Hall, who won a Tony Award for co-starring with Hall in Hedwig, performed alongside the former Dexter star, but, unfortunately, he does most of the singing in the clips that have surfaced online.

Cafe Carlyle is an Upper East Side space described by Google as a “luxury, art deco-inspired grande dame is a block from Central Park,” all things that are neither rock nor roll, but, well, you can’t win ’em all. Watch the video of Hall and his Radiohead mates rehearsing Pablo Honey‘s “Ripcord” below. The rehearsal, we assume, does not take place in a grande dame but instead in some kind of basement or, perhaps, an actual rehearsal space. At any rate, looks like a real bunch of rock ‘n’ roll, Hall’s affected voice not included.

Radiohead proper are also in the news today, following comments from one of the band’s current collaborators, Stanley Donwood. Donwood, an art director, has made the outrageous claim that Radiohead’s new album will be a “work of art,” an important distinction given the rather artlessness of the band’s discography thus far. Still no word on when the work of musical art will be finished or released.