Sad Bill Murray Is Already the MVP of March Madness Memes


Bill Murray caught March Madness this year, and on Sunday it made him very sad. Murray was in St. Louis Sunday to watch his son coach — he’s an assistant coach at Xavier — and was seemingly devastated when the team lost in the second round of the tournament to the University of Wisconsin, who clinched a 66-63 upset win with a last-second three-pointer.

Adding insult to injury, the video of Murray’s genuine despair over the loss has already become the internet’s new favorite meme. The most common gag seems to be mashing up Murray and the already popular “Michael Jordan crying” meme. (No, the internet has not forgotten about Space Jam.)

Some have also taken to comparing him with a sad puppy…

Others are just grinding salt into the wound. (About Space Jam and other movies.)

We’re sorry you’re bummed, Bill. We hope the Space Jam jokes don’t make it worse. Plus, there’s always next season.