Masters of their Craft: Steve Soderholm of Ranger Station Supply


Visiting Ranger Station Supply’s workshop in Germantown’s warehouse district in Nashville was an eye- and nose-opening experience. Founder Steve Soderholm says, “Your sense of smell has a way of triggering memories,” and boy, is he right.

But memory is just the beginning; his candles are hand-poured into bourbon glasses, meaning that good times are also inevitably ahead. Of his candles’ convivial properties, Soderholm says, “It’s something that has been thought through, start to finish.” We’re only sorry that your computer doesn’t support scent (yet!) so you can know just how true his statements are. Hopefully the video below helps. It’s part of our Masters of their Craft series, presented in partnership with Woodford Reserve. We’ve been investigating heritage-driven artisans and creatives of all stripes; be sure to check out the rest of our coverage.