Bernie Sanders Talks Trump, Weed, and ‘The Bodyguard’ with Kimmel


Television (and, frankly, the internet) has been overrun by politics, and with good reason: it’s election season! Unfortunately, most of that coverage has been given to the outrageousness of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, leaving Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders behind, the two relatively tame figures fated to brief appearances on late night TV. Which is exactly what Bernie did last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Bernie and Jimmy first chatted back in October when Kimmel was filming his show in Brooklyn, and in the below clip Kimmel remembers that time, noting that, just five months ago, he (and plenty of others) assumed Bernie would have been knocked out of the race by now.

In that same clip, Kimmel mentioned that Bernie likes to walk around very populated areas (Brooklyn, Hollywood Boulevard) without his security detail, which really annoys his secret service team. It probably annoys them, too, when he flies coach, something Kimmel later asks him about. He asks Bernie if he was watching The Bodyguard while waiting at the gate and, unfortunately, Bernie was not. “I like that movie very much,” Bernie says, “but I don’t think I was watching it.”

Bernie also talked about Trump, whom he hasn’t met. Kimmel makes the apt observation that, given Hillary Clinton and Trump’s history, the whole campaigning process feels like professional wrestling, where those two candidates are just pretending to hate each other but in reality they spend Sunday afternoons together, drinking tea in one of Trump’s gilded dining rooms.

Bernie also talked eloquently about ISIS and the Brussels attacks,

and his relationship with Hillary.

Regardless of Bernie’s chances at landing in the Oval Office, it certainly is refreshing to see a candidate who approaches politics and the world with a sense of optimism, though his lack of palpable hatred will probably cost him the race.