Watch MTV’s “Gender Bent” Series, Which Hopes to Destroy Gender Norms


Gender is over, but ridiculous gender norms aren’t.

For several decades, MTV has been a keeper of youth culture. Sometimes, that’s involved promoting bad music, bad life choices, or bad eating habits. Some of this is still happening, but the Viacom brand has always made great strides in promoting equality. The latest of those strides is “Gender Bent,” a series of clips that hopes to bust outdated gender norms.

“Gender Bent” is part of MTV’s Look Different, a site devoted to dismantling unfair and untrue societal biases based on things like gender, race, class, general appearance, etc. Basically, any ingrained thing that could cause you to make an incorrect, snap judgment about somebody else will be targeted there, and rightfully so.

Watch three clips of “Gender Bent” below. They talk about the whole blue for boys and pink for girls thing, the misconception that men are better at math and science, and just how stupid it is that men are expected to never cry. (I’m crying right now!)