Kate Beckinsale Is Delightful in the Trailer for Whit Stillman’s ‘Love & Friendship’


When is the last time you saw Kate Beckinsale in something that did not involve guns or vampires in any way, shape, or form? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Almost long enough to forget that she’s actually a pretty good actress when she’s not busy fighting off werewolves. Thankfully, she gets to show off her tremendous chops in this trailer for Whit Stillman’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan.

In the film (which our film editor Jason Bailey happily reviewed here), Beckinsale plays Lady Susan, who is trying to marry off her daughter to make a quick buck. Chloë Sevigny also stars, making that a total of two (2) actresses not typically associated with Jane Austen fare!

Anyway, they do a great job at it and make what could have easily been a stodgy-seeming period piece into a very fun comedy.

Watch the trailer below.