LCD Soundsystem Playing Two “Back From the Dead” NYC Shows, Selling Tickets via Lottery


Everyone is excited about the return of LCD Soundsystem. The band is headlining three major festivals! No wait, they’re going on a full reunion tour! And wait, oh man, they’ve also recorded an entirely new album! What did we do to deserve all of this goodwill?

Well, I can’t personally answer that question — I still don’t even think I deserve it. Anyway, today it was announced that the group would play a pair of “Back From the Dead” shows in Murphy’s hometown of New York ahead of their full reunion tour. The shows, which will take place at Webster Hall, are cleverly being marketed through their Easter Sunday starting date, where the band will “roll the rock away” when doors open at 8:00 PM.

But wait! There’s a catch! Unfortunately, you can only buy tickets for these shows through a lottery, which you can access here. Luckily all you’re expected to do is enter in some really basic information (name, email, cell phone number, zip code, etc.), but the fact that my LCD-viewing future is in the hands of some random computerized number-cruncher is slightly disconcerting.

Nevertheless, winners will be notified by Friday and will be given ticketing information for one of the shows on a “first come, first serve” basis. Godspeed!