Azealia Banks Surprise Releases Mixtape ‘Slay-Z,’ ft. Rick Ross


Hours after the release of a collaboration with Swedish singer Elliphant, Azealia Banks has released, for free, her latest mixtape. The tape, called Slay-Z, is eight tracks long and features Rick Ross. As is expected of Azealia, the tracks feature a meaty mix of singing and rapping. Two of the tracks, “The Big Big Beat” and the Iggy Azalea-slamming “Used to Being Alone,” were released in the past few weeks.

According to Azealia’s recently-resurrected Twitter feed, the release was in response/anticipation of a leak by her studio engineer:

This is Azealia’s largest collection of mostly new work since 2014’s Broke With Expensive Taste, and as is usually the case, it more than delivers on the original promise of “212” — almost enough to make us forget about the various headline-making beefs she’s engaged in since that track’s release. After one listen, “Queen of Clubs” and the Rick Ross-featuring “Big Talk” are early standouts.

Download the mixtape at the link in the tweet below: