Singer Ian Brown Says The Stone Roses Are Recording New Music


Attention, all you lovers of ’90s Brit-rock: Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has confirmed — to NME no less! — that the band is back in the studio, recording “glorious” new music. The band is set to headline some stadium shows this coming July, and it was originally speculated that this new album would be released to coincide with those shows. This album, should it actually materialize, would be the third, and would follow ’94’s Second Coming. So, does that mean this one will be called Third Coming? Depends on how staunchly the band wants to stick to their British roots.

The band initially broke up in 1996, though they reunited in 2011 to play shows across the UK.

Watch the video for “I Wanna Be Adored,” from the Stone Roses’ 1989 self-titled album.