Jimmy Kimmel Calls Hillary Clinton “Shrill” in Attempt to Mansplain Mansplaining


It’s tough to define mansplaining, as it could very well be any instance of a man explaining anything to a woman. But there are further requirements: first, it helps if the woman has a deep understanding of whatever the man is trying to explain to her. Second, the man should take on a tone of condescension. Third, the man should be talking out of line. Jimmy Kimmel fulfilled all of these when, last night on Live!, he mansplained public speaking to Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not Kimmel did a good job at mansplaining how to give a public speech is up for debate, but he did manage to call Hillary shrill for talking too loudly, and then criticized her for talking too quietly. But, that aside, it seems like Kimmel interprets mansplaining as a man being annoying to a woman when a woman is trying to get something done, which might as well be true. Maybe that should be called something else, though. Manstracting? Doesn’t have quite the same ring.

At any rate, props to Kimmel for giving the less sensational Democratic candidates airtime this week — he had Bernie on the show earlier.

Watch Hillary, in a wicked blue suit that Kimmel doesn’t like, below.