Garry Shandling’s ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Will Return to HBO


Following the death of comedy legend Garry Shandling, there was not only an outpouring of love for the man, but also a rush to watch his HBO show, The Larry Sanders Show. The show wasn’t available to stream anywhere, so content-hungry fans flocked to the web to buy old-school physical media, cleaning out Amazon’s stock of $20 Larry Sanders boxsets. Luckily, it’s been announced that the show will be returning to HBO.

The news comes via The Wrap , who scored a statement from Sony Pictures Television chairman Steve Mosko. Sony owns streaming service Crackle, which, until recently, had the rights to stream Larry Sanders. Those rights expired and were returned to Sony, but, rather than allow Crackle to acquire them again, Mosko says Sony had been working with Shandling to return the rights to HBO, and Sony plans to honor his wishes after his death.

“I loved Garry. We were fulfilling his wishes to see the show move to HBO,” Mosko said.

The show, which satirized late night television, ran on HBO from 1992 thru 1998, and cemented Shandling’s status as a comic genius. There’s no word as to when, exactly, HBO will begin airing and streaming the episodes, but the sooner we can hear this intro on HBO Go, the better.