NYC Condom Art Contest + Some Arty Condoms


We’ve all seen Yves Behar‘s iconic NYC Condoms (if you haven’t, there’s a big bowl in the doorway of Housing Works), and maybe even have a few stashed in a drawer somewhere. Six months after their launch, the city’s average monthly condom distribution had doubled. Now, the NYC Department of Health is having a contest to find a design for the next NYC condom package. They’ll print the winner as a limited edition, so if not millions then at least thousands of people can tear your art in half and forget it under the bed. The rules: You have to be at least 17 (puritans!). Your design can’t be “raunchy” but it should “reflect the city’s diverse, distinctive culture while conveying the message that safer sex is better sex.”

So they’re looking for puns? We’re not sure, but to inspire you, dear readers, we dug up some of our favorite designed condom packages — enjoy.

Election Protection Condoms

We’re just bummed they don’t have Sarah Palin. But maybe that wouldn’t make sense…

Ron English Designed Condoms

The venerable street artist Ron English is famous for “liberating” billboards and using corporate ads to project his own messages – now he can help you liberate something else.

Marc Jacobs Condoms

Some people will buy anything Marc Jacobs, but we have to admit, these are pretty adorable. And who can resist a handwritten note from the man himself? Better do what he says.

Gorgeous Vintage Condoms (Click through view the whole gallery at Lifelounge)

Japanese Condoms

These are highly bizarre, so you might want to think twice about using them for your inspiration, but we just had to include them. Kit Sack = Kit Kat? 2 pieces?

No More Sex Condoms

This sweet pack of three condoms was designed by Mads Jakob Poulsen and Robert Nagy for a packaging competition in conjunction with Danish non-profit organization Sex & Sundhed. We like the progression — time to buy another pack!

One Condoms

These circular packs come with lots of different pictures and “one liners” — go to their website to see their “universal mix,” “urban mix,” and “risque mix.” These are fine, but we could do them with our eyes closed, and we bet you could too.

Last resort: MyFace Condoms

If you really want to. We guess.

So let us know your ideas for the contest, and check out the complete rules and FAQ at the NYC Health website.