Watch: Even the ‘LEGO Batman Movie’ Seems Sick of the Endless Series of Batman Movies


If you’re still trying to think up the best insult that hasn’t already been used yet by critics to describe Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, perhaps the fact that a film about one of the same Superheroes in square, plastic, kids’ toy-branded form looks infinitely better is insult enough. Today, the second teaser trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie (the spin off of The LEGO Movie) was released by Warner Bros. (Incidentally, according to The Verge, it’s been playing before Batman v. Superman in theaters.)

“When you’re as super as me, you don’t just get one trailer,” says Will Arnett as LEGO Batman, introducing his second teaser trailer, before the clip then proceeds to skewer (and bank off participating in) the variety of different Batmans we’ve seen doing varied versions of the exact same thing. (LEGO Batman looks at old family photos, then LEGO Alfred — voiced by Ralph Fiennes — mentions all the past non-Lego iterations of Batman that likewise got sad in front of family photos.)