Artist Erects Trump Tombstone in Central Park


The world is crazy for Trump. The world just loves Trump, you know? Huge amount of love for Trump. The world loves Trump so much that they can’t even wait to memorialize his death. Gotta celebrate Trump! That’s why an artist erected a tombstone for Trump in Central Park. We all celebrate Trump in different ways.

Photos surfaced this past weekend of the Trump memorial in Central Park, which is engraved with the epitaph, “Made America Hate Again,” which is scary only because it seems to assume that Trump will, in fact, become President of the United States. The whole project is also not as mean-spirited as one would initially think, as there’s no death date listed on the thing. If anything, the artist is just making known the clear fact that Trump is so vital to the heart of New York City that he should be buried in a place no less essential than the city’s most prominent park.

The Parks Department, being absolutely no fun, has already removed the tombstone, and nobody knows who actually made it. Nobody knows where it went, either. Such a mystery, just like all of the best art.