That Feeling When You’re James Spader and Jackie Kennedy Onassis Commends Your Vomiting Skills


James Spader — renowned actor, former BDSM sex symbol and current Blacklist star — stopped by The Tonight Show last night, where he incidentally spoke to Jimmy Fallon about a time he vomited at dinner with the Kennedys. Surely you can relate.

Spader was good friends with John F. Kennedy, Jr. in high school, and good high school friends often attend their good high school friends’ family dinners — which means that James Spader attended a Kennedy family dinner. And good high school friends often get drunk with good high school friends — which often means vomiting. And before vomiting, good friends often eat a bowl of their good friends’ pistachios (well, some may, at least). Thus, putting these things together — a dinner with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, pistachios, and high school drunkenness — you can imagine how the story reaches its conclusion — but what you may not imagine is that the conclusion entails Jackie O. jokingly commending Spader’s regurgitation skills. But instead of spending too much time imagining or not imagining, just watch Spader’s vivid description below: