Watch Rihanna Writhe Around in Sensual New ‘Kiss It Better’ Video


Rihanna sent two new ANTI cuts to radio today: the Glass John-produced drama-stirring “Kiss It Better” for Top 40 and pop radio, and the feminist empowerment anthem “Needed Me” for rhythm and urban stations.

To accompany the release, Rihanna dropped the video for “Kiss It Better” earlier today on her VEVO channel — naturally sending the internet into a frenzied vortex of “YAAAAASSS” and “oh my god!” in the process.

The clip is very simple in form: the entire video is black and white, the lighting is very dim, and only Rihanna appears in the video. There are also no elaborate choreographed dance routines or any tangible storyline. Rather, Rihanna is seen moving around a bare room from different angles, hair blowing gently.

The song, which is one of Rihanna’s least abrasive and most sensual to date, goes surprisingly well with the otherwise simplistic video. Both are stark, haunting, and undeniably sexy. While the video for “Kiss It Better” is far from the exciting bloodfest that was “BBHMM” or even the bold double-header that was “Work,” Rihanna’s mesmerizing appeal alone is enough to warrant four minutes of, well…just Rihanna.

Watch the moody visual below.