CollegeHumor Staff Brings their Kegerator to MTV Primetime


In the current economy, magazines are shutting down, newspapers are going digital and Web sites are turning into TV shows — or at least so it would seem with the just released news that will be getting its own behind-the-scenes series on MTV. Also launching are spin-offs of Run’s House and Rob & Big, a news show from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, a Donald Trump reality show that seeks to reform party girls and “a show from Nick Lachey about performing arts students in Cincinnati.” Oy.

“These new series reflect Generation ‘Why Not?’ — living, working and playing on their own terms, ‘adventure capitalists’ if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises,” said Brian Graden, president of entertainment at MTV Networks Music Group.

In honor of The CollegeHumor Show we’ve compiled a list a few of our favorite videos on the site. Consider them our notes for the creative direction of the series. Here’s hoping the “offbeat workplace” idea you guys pitched Graden gets more viewers than Nick Lachey: Please Don’t Forget I Exist.

We can loan you our Flavorpill office scooter if you promise not to drink and drive.

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