Taylor Swift Raps to Drake, Dramatically Falls on Face in New Apple Music Ad


Despite the many things that can be said against pop superstar Taylor Swift, there is one thing that even cynics can give her credit for: she definitely knows how to laugh at herself.

This morning, Apple Music unleashed a new ad called “Taylor vs. Treadmill” for their streaming service. In it, the singer is seen standing on a treadmill, musing about how she “hates cardio” and using her iPhone’s Apple Music app to find a running playlist called #GYMFLOW. She starts the treadmill, selects Drake and Future’s hit “Jumpman,” and then proceeds to go line for line with Drake over the MetroBoomin beat, ad-libs included. Even though her “flow” is comically forced, her willingness to shout rap lyrics while running on a treadmill is admirable.

But the real kicker comes during the middle of Drake’s verse, when Taylor finds herself losing her balance, throwing up her hands and falling flat on her face, as she’s dragged backwards by the treadmill. The moment comes right as Drake mentions “lobster and Céline,” which, funnily enough, is probably the most relatable reference in the song for Swift. But, because nothing seems able to stop the “Style” singer, she manages to lift her head up off the ground just in time to deliver the last few lines.

Last June, the singer penned an open letter to Apple Music, explaining that she would not let her multi-million-selling album 1989 stream on the service because, at the time, the company was promoting a free three-month subscription for listeners but had no plans to pay the artists for their music that was streamed during that period. But, given that, through the powers of Taylor Swift’s Magic, Apple decided to pay their artists after all, it isn’t too surprising that the singer teamed up with “one of [her] best partners in selling music.”

Watch the undeniably hilarious clip below.