Dana Scully Explores the Unknown in New ‘X-Files’-Inspired Tacocat Video


Today sees the release of Tacocat’s great Lost Time. As we pointed out in our recent review, that title is a reference to X-Files. The first track of the album is also a reference to X-Files, though a much more blatant one: “Dana Katherine Scully.” It’s a great song and now it’s got a great video.

In the video, Tacocat singer Emily Nokes assumes the identity of agent Dana Scully and investigates all kinds of paranormal activity, including a pair of hairless cats, some bird-beaked monsters, a man with a mud face, and pale-faced figure with spiral lens glasses. It’s a short clip for a short song but it’s also great. No promises that it’ll fill any of the mysterious voids that have appeared in your heart since the conclusion of the recent miniseries resurrection of the show — if anything it’ll just create more of them.

Watch the clip below at your own risk. Trust us, though: it’s worth it.