Watch a Vomiting Mule and T.J. Miller in ‘Search Party’ Trailer


It’s typically a pretty bad sign when a film takes more than three years to go from being made to being released, so it’s with healthy skepticism that we recommend watching this red band trailer for Search Party. The film stars a naked Thomas Middleditch and angry versions of his Silicon Valley co-star T.J. Miller and Adam Pally. Guns are involved, cocaine is involved, action is involved.

The film is directed by Scot Armstrong, who made it big in Hollywood by writing teen gems like Road Trip and Old School. It’s a mystery why it took so long for the thing to come out, given it features some pretty strong comedic actors: Jon Glaser, Alison Brie, J.B. Smoove, Krysten Ritter, and Jason Mantzoukas all make appearances. Maybe the studio was just waiting for Miller’s profile to rise, as it has since the release of Deadpool? Or maybe it’s just really bad!

Anyway, watch the clip below. It features a puking mule within the first 45 seconds. Gnarly!