The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Peter Dinklage


Peter Dinklage made an appearance on SNL last year as Drunk Uncle’s brother-in-law Peter Drunklage, but this was his first time taking the stage as host.

There were plenty of Game of Thrones gags, none of them particularly uproarious, but the Emmy-winning actor has charm to spare and shines most in the non-HBO sketches. We would totally watch a Peter and Leslie reality show involving nudity and intense competition.

See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

“At This Hour Cold Open”

Scottie Nell Hughes, a Donald Trump defender and an actual real person, is extremely impressed by the size of the Donald’s hands — unlike the rest of us.

“Peter Dinklage Monologue”

Relax, everyone. Our intrepid host gets the most important stuff out of the way first. He has no idea what’s going on with Jon Snow in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

“Winnie the Pooh”

Winnie the Pooh’s cousin “Denny the Real” stops by with a pair of pants for the half-naked bear.

“Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition”

Leslie Jones is naked and not afraid. Peter, on the other hand, is very afraid as Leslie uses his intimate bits to stay warm.

“Mafia Meeting”

The night’s most GIF-able moment, Peter channels his inner Devo and sings about “space pants.”

“Trendy Restaurant”

Taking the trendy NYC restaurant scene to the extreme, this hot new place was a former underground sex parlor in the 1970s. Now it’s just a glory hole in a wall where you feast on pumpernickel bread with your terrified friends.

“Game of Thrones Sneak Peek”

One scene-stealing dragon takes his job very seriously.

“Weekend Update”

It’s time for another Pete Davidson monologue about the Hulk Hogan scandal.

“Undersea Hotel”

Peter’s character has no idea why his best employees are dying. Taran Killam nails the physical comedy aspect of this sketch, in which he plays a floating corpse (it’s so good, though).

The Worst

“Vacation Nightmares”

The killers with terrible Danish accents shtick is too bland to be this long.

“Corporate Magic Show”

Peter’s disgruntled corporate asshole thing is funny for a hot minute, but this turns out to be just another SNL potty humor sketch.

Musical Guest: Gwen Stefani