Watch Bernie Sanders Give Killer Mike a Shout-Out During His Hot 97 Interview


Bernie Sanders appeared on Hot 97’s morning show, EBro in the Morning, Friday.

Between discussing the state of income inequality, his tax plan, decriminalizing marijuana, and other issues, Sanders took a moment to recognize Killer Mike, one of his most vocal and enthusiastic supporters.

“Killer Mike is doing a fantastic job for us,” Sanders said.

Sanders has received strong support from celebrity artists. In addition to his well-documented relationship with Killer Mike, bands such as Vampire Weekend, Tacocat, and Bon Iver have performed at Sanders’ rallies. He’s also received public endorsements from a number of prominent film directors, including David Lynch and Spike Lee.

At the same time, Sanders addressed the controversy stirred up by star supporter Susan Sarandon, who said she would consider voting for Trump if Sanders did not receive the Democratic nomination, by pledging to support any Democratic nominee to avoid allowing a Republican into the White House.

“I will do anything I can to defeat a Republican,” Sanders said. Sanders specifically called the possibility of Donald Trump’s presidency “beyond disastrous.”

“You can’t go around insulting Mexicans, and Latinos, and women, and Muslims, and be President of the United States,” Sanders said. “It would be internationally embarrassing and a real disaster.”