TBS Orders ‘Samantha Bee’ for All of 2016


Of all the political talk shows spawned from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show — Trevor Noah’s TDS, The Nightly Show, Last Week TonightFull Frontal with Samantha Bee has, next to John Oliver’s Last Week, been most successful at influencing political discourse and, uh, going viral. So it’s no surprise that TBS has ordered more episodes — enough to fill out the rest of this dismal election year.

In response to the news of sticking around for the rest of the year, Bee said this, “Stay crazy America, I’ll be here all year!” And America is sure to listen: this election year has been insane, and it’s barely four months old. That insanity is probably explanation for the show’s pretty good ratings, which average 3.7 million viewers per episode. That’s not including her views on YouTube, which so far total close to 30 million.

We’ve posted some of the show’s best clips on Flavorwire already, but might as well revisit some of them. Here you go.