Dead Daniel Radcliffe Washes Ashore, Farts on Paul Dano in ‘Swiss Army Man’ Trailer


Since its debut at this year’s Sundance, Swiss Army Man has been fodder for great headlines: the A.V. Club said “Daniel Radcliffe’s farty boner corpse movie isn’t too bad,” while The Guardian’s read “dead Daniel Radcliffe farts Paul Dano to safety.” For those of us who love everything in both of those headlines, the lack of footage from the film was painful. Thanks to a beautiful new trailer for the film, all of that changes today. And, if those headlines got you excited, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

To prep you for this delicious trailer, a brief synopsis of the film: Paul Dano plays a man stranded on an island. As he’s about to attempt to commit suicide, he spots Daniel Radcliffe’s suited body as it washes ashore. Radcliffe farts on Dano and then Dano begins to manipulate Radcliffe’s body as if he’s a puppet, and the body seems to react in magical ways. Is this just fantasy, illusions of Dano’s deranged, dying mind, or is Radcliffe’s corpse actually animated, able to propel Dano’s body across water as if a humanoid jet ski?

We’ll have to see the movie to find out, if finding out is a thing worth doing. Watch the trailer below. The film, directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, aka DANIELS, is set for a June 17 release date.