Watch: Grace and Frankie Are Still Grace and Frankie-y in ‘Grace and Frankie’ Season 2 Trailer


Perhaps because of its promising premise — a show about septuagenarians who’re fun, sexual, and not supporting characters — Season 1 of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie seemed extremely lazy about ever making anything more than the broadest strokes that said “these are septuagenarians who’re fun! sexual! and not supporting characters!” Now there’s a trailer for Season 2 — and it looks like more of the same! Fortunately, because it happens to star two of the most talented actors out there — Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda — more of the same is not a bad thing. It just looks like the same lazy but watchable thing boasting one of the best casts TV has to offer (Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen costar as the show’s PG-rated version of a just-out, and just-divorced gay couple).

The trailer for the second season — which will be up for streaming on Netflix on May 6 — sees Tomlin’s kooky-but-grounded-by-Grace character Frankie and Fonda’s uptight-but-enlivened-by-Frankie character Grace continuing to relish the single life following their initially difficult divorce from their husbands — who happened to have been having an affair with one another. Grace and Frankie are still cohabiting in a beach house, continuing to decide on the paths they might want take now that they’re unfettered from their previous, settled lives with their husbands. (Will they search for serious partners, or continue to enjoy romantic autonomy? Will they make vodka watermelons? Will they not make vodka watermelons?) Watch them support one another, give one another vibrators and existential advice in the trailer: