Watch Daisy Ridley “Rap” While John Boyega “Beatboxes” on ‘Star Wars’ Set


Who knew Daisy Ridley could rap?

Or, at least, who would have ever expected that Daisy Ridley would try to rap?

Well, in a video posted by Entertainment Tonight previewing a special bonus feature from the Target DVD/Blu-Ray exclusive edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the English actress, along with the help of some amateur beatboxing from costar John Boyega, can be found doing just that.

And, unsurprisingly, her entire 10-second verse is all about working on the Star Wars set — I mean, what else could she have to rap about?

Daisy’s foray into lyrical poetry wasn’t happenstance, though — and, thank god, it wasn’t even her idea at all. According to the story told by Boyega, he saw Daisy “doing a little rap one day” on set and, given his “good eye for talent,” knew that he could make the actress a big star — because, of course, having a lead role in last year’s highest grossing film was never going to be enough to make her a “big star” the way being a rapper would.

To give you a hint of Ridley’s…prowess…as a rapper, the song’s opening line is:

“We all up in the desert and we filming Star Wars, Because of our diet, we can’t eat no Mars bars!”

I mean, it’ll do. For better or for worse, watch Ridley spit some bars below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out on DVD and Blu-Ray everywhere today.